Choose Happy

Remember, you have the power to choose the friends, the marriage, the home, the career, and the life…

Start your week off right with positive vibes and plenty of kindness!

Monday’s can be difficult.  It’s the start of a new week that includes work, school or whatever else that occupies your time.  But we can set the standard for how we go about it, and do it with positive intentions which will set you up for success!  I can honestly say that how you look directly effects how you feel, which inevitably effects what you do, how you do it and how you treat other people. Remember, you have the power to choose the friends, the marriage, the home, the career, the life you want. You just have to commit to hard work, there are no secrets to success. 

You have to humble yourself, you have to dig deep, and you have to want it! I truly believe the greatest form of success is looking in the mirror and actually liking the person you see. It’s appreciating the actual life you are living and striving to reach the goals you set for yourself. It’s about smiling, choosing happiness, and finding fulfillment in whatever lights your soul on fire.  Let’s go!


A few tips on how to set yourself up for success! 

This is my daily routine and it works for me.  Not saying that it will work for everyone, but definitely worth a try to incorporate one or more of these into your routine to see change!  


Wake Up & make your bed. Boom, one task accomplished as soon as you get up!


journal, jot down your feelings, and set goals for the week.


get outside and smell the fresh air - meditate for 5-10 mins.


get to the gym, go for a run, or ride the peleton. move your body!


Meal prep for the week if you have time. sometimes i do this on sunday as well!


head off and start your day and spread kindness along the way!


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